The Coordinated Care Organizations (CCOs) in Lane County are PacificSource and Trillium. Every CCO in the state is required to have a Community Advisory Council (CAC). The CAC is made up of community members who are either OHP members, work in organizations that serve OHP members, or are members of a local Tribal community. The CAC reserves 51% of the seats for OHP members in order to be sure that consumers have a voice in how the CCO serves the community. The Lane County CCO Community Advisory Council is a joint CAC for PacificSource and Trillium.

Lane Community Health Council works with the joint CAC as it relates to PacificSource CCO. The joint CAC is responsible for:

  • Identifying areas of improvement and advocating for solutions
  • Promoting prevention practices
  • Participating in the Community Health Assessment and the creation of the Community Health Improvement Plan (CHP)
  • Advocating for equity practices to inform the CCO’s service
  • Sharing information about the CCOs and OHP to communities in Lane County

The joint CAC provides important information for the Lane County CCOs and can help share healthcare information with the community. The joint CAC meets monthly and has several sub-committees to help do the work. The CAC is intended to engage consumers throughout Lane County in improving the way their health needs and the health needs of their community are being met. The CAC is made up of Oregon Health Plan (OHP) members, parents of OHP members, Tribal members, and community members.

For more information or to apply for a seat on the CAC, contact Leah Edelman at 541-682-8774 or

Community Advisory
Council Members

Wendee Crofoot
Tara DaVee
Tannya Devorak
Drake Ewbank
Karen Hall
Michelle Hankes
Caitlynn Hatteras
Val Haynes
Jessica Hibler
Dron Jones
Richard Kincade
Roxie Mayfield
Silverio Mogart
Chris Parra
Char Reavis
Liz Stover
Carla Tazumal
Michelle Thurston
Jocelyn Warren
Cindy Williams